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Build a Tiny Farm

It is time to minimize our carbon footprints and grow our own food.  

Start with a 40' Container

What is a "Tiny Farm"?

When you combine an Earthship, a 40' container and a tiny house you get what I call a "Tiny Farm".

I have been pondering sustainable living for many years and a very

interesting set of components has come together to create a very unique home design.  Basically you cover a high cube 40 ft container with an A frame structure having a 40 ft long south facing greenhouse.  This does not sound like much, but when you examine the details a very efficient home design emerges.  

Design Parameters:

This design brings together many ideas.  From the Earthship model we get the ideas of berming into the earth, south facing greenhouse and thermal mass to carry heat in the house from daytime sunlight to nighttime warmth. In Scandinavia they use a 'frost barrier' to keep their homes warmer.  The Tiny Home movement has given us many ideas for compact living.  

How Efficient is this building?

I would expect that this building would save 70 to 90% of the heating and cooling costs of a similar sized building.   Much larger savings if you are downsizing to tiny living from the typical American home.  


=  Super efficient design.

=  Cost effective construction.

=  Grow your own food and herbs.

Please note:

The design components discussed here can be applied in many ways to all kinds of construction.  You can mix and match these ideas into your projects.  I will give many

examples as this website grows.  



Website under construction

Much more to come!!!


Where the rubber

meets the road:

I will be living in the first one built,

so starting in November and 

December I will have first hand 

temperature data to post on this site.

Incorporate design concepts from Earthships

Using Tiny Home Thinking

Become a  real  vegetarian -

Grow your own  veges.

New Design --- Working on a very cool

design that does not use a container.

In fact I do not think I would use a container again.  Too much trouble to incorporate a container with standard construction.   STAY POSTED

Photos added

November 2017

GUESS WHAT....go to design page for sketch with container

Here is a rough sketch.  The finished building will have log cabin siding and will look very cool.  This is an efficient design            using solar energy for heat.

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